Castaway Cats - Adoptions & low cost spay/neuter help

Complete home address:
Home phone number:
Work phone number:
Email address:
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, are you allowed to have pets?
Landlord's name and phone number:
Veterinarian's name and number:
What made you decide to adopt a cat/kitten?
Is there a particular cat or kitten you saw on our website or in one of our store locations that you are interested in?
What kind of cat are you looking for? (color, sex, age, etc...)
What are you looking for in a cat/kitten? (playful, lap cat, companion for other cat, etc...)
Is this cat going to be indoors, outdoors or both?
How many people live in your household?
Do you have children?
What are their ages?
Have your children been around cats before?
What pets do you presently have?
Where did you get them?
Present pets ~ name & kind?
Have they been spayed or neutered?
Have they been tested for feline leukemia and aids?
Have they been around cats before?
If so, how did they react?
Previous pets ~ kind?
Where did you get them?
How long did you have them?
Where are they now? (died (how?), ran away, etc...)
Is everyone in the household acceptable to having a cat?
Any pet allergies?
The above is all true to the best of my knowledge and if accepted to adopt, I realize that a pet is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT (15-20 years) and that I will be taking responsibility for this cat's health and welfare no matter what the case (sickness, relocation, etc...) for the remainder of it's life.
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